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Who we are

We give a voice to stateless people in Italy

The strength of UNIA lies not only in the values we stand for, but above all in our concrete initiatives. As an ETS Association, we have realised that with collaboration the best results can be achieved. That is why in 2022 we decided to found the Unione Italiana Apolidi ETS.

Our history

The team that formed the Unione Italiana Apolidi ETS association is made up of members who, to date, are stateless, former stateless or stateless not yet recognised. During one of the periodic meetings with UNHCR, we had the opportunity to expose what the problems inherent in being stateless in Italy were and to hypothesising what the relative solutions to them might be, being ourselves the witnesses of what we tell.


Subsequently, we continued to meet us online, outside of ordinary meetings, deepening our common interests and individual skills. We came to the conclusion that through our capacities and the support of other organisations we could create what is now the Unione Italiana Apolidi, defying the obstacles of fate and standing up for the rights of the 'invisible'.

The team


Armando Augello Cupi

  • LinkedIn

UNIA President

Global Humanities student at Sapienza University of Rome. He studied Global History Lab and Global History Dialogues at Princeton University.


Tess Brown

  • LinkedIn

Office Manager


Ashley Jones

  • LinkedIn

Tech Lead


Lisa Rose

  • LinkedIn

Product Manager


Armando Augello Cupi

  • LinkedIn

UNIA President

Student of Global Humanities at Sapienza University of Rome. He has been a student of Global History Lab and Global History Dialogues at Princeton University.


Romina Todorovic

  • LinkedIn

UNIA Secretary

For more than 10 years, she has worked in the social and health sector, specialising in the care of differently abled children in the school context.

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Karen Ducusin

  • LinkedIn

UNIA Vice President

Artist, tutor for science and art subjects. Head animator has been working with various associations and facilities since 2012.


Edin Portonato Ruznic

  • LinkedIn

UNIA Director

Self-taught growth hacker and cryptocurrency expert. Digital trainer on Udemy and Social Media Manager at UNIA

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